What Can You Get From Eyelash Extensions?

Are you tired of that goopy, clumpy mess that mascara makes on your eyelashes every day? You may have tried faux lashes before as an alternative, but who wants to hassle with trying to get false lashes set in place every day? The fact is that Eyelash Extensions give you the beauty of professionally applied mascara but without the hassle and mess of mascara or fake lashes! The lash extensions are easy to apply. You just adhere them to the base of your eyelashes, close to the follicle, with a special glue. This adhesive glue is designed to stay in place for about four to six weeks, and during this time, you won’t have to mess with glue or mascara at all, and all the while enjoying gorgeous lashes! The Eyelash Extensions are available in several different colors, and you can also select the perfect length and thickness for you so you can achieve the desired effect effortlessly. What’s more, they are made from a synthetic, acrylic material so they offer a natural, lustrous look but without the worry of allergies or the lashes breaking down over time as you would worry about with faux lashes made from animal fur.

The advantages of having eyelash extensions rather than tattooed permanent makeup, or the old-fashioned type of fake eyelashes, are tremendous. You don’t have to wear mascara when you have extensions, and you can do everything that you would normally do in a day – laugh, cry, swim, shower, and sweat – without ever worrying about them coming off.

Although most makeup artists will tell you that eyelash extensions only last a few weeks, they generally last around a month, which is a lot longer than a set of fake nails! They begin to fall out as your lashes grow, so the time it takes depends on your body, but they are a wonderful way to get the look that you want.False eyelashes are truly one of the easiest and best things you can do for yourself to enjoy long-lasting beauty results. They can take the hassle out of your daily beauty ritual by negating the need for mascara or the worry as the day progresses of your mascara clumping, flaking, or creating dark shadows under your eyes. Spend some time today reviewing the different styles available in Eyelash Extensions, and then make the effort to implement these lashes into your normal beauty routine for lasting results.


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