Eyebrow Lamination Ann Arbor

Lamination refers to the glossy polish your first-grade teacher gave an essential piece of paper. With the newest brow trend, it has made a comeback in our adult lives. Russia gave birth to the novel “brow lamination” method. You may notice that your social media pages are overtaken by images of thick, arched brows with a high-shine finish.

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How Does The Brow Lamination Procedure Work?

Thanks to brow lamination, your brows will have a fixed, consistent shape for a while, similar to a perm. Setting lotion instead of curls for around six weeks keeps brow hair combed up and raised upward. If you’re fortunate, you might be able to have gorgeously shaped brows for up to two months when you wake up every morning.

The actual procedure begins by applying a lifting cream to the brow, which causes a chemical reaction that dissolves the links between each hair and enables them to be shifted into a different form. After brushing the brow hairs back into place, a neutralizer is used to rebuild the bonds into their new configuration. Once the brows have undergone the chemical treatment, nourishing oil is next applied to restore their moisture.

Depending on the intended look, the method changes a little. However, the following actions are typically taken:

  • To screen for allergy or intolerance to the lifting cream, a straightening cream with keratin, a cosmetologist will first do a patch test on a patient.
  • The cosmetologist will start the treatment by cleansing the patient’s brows and the region and marking out the form that best complements the patient’s face shape and brows after making sure the patient has no response to the cream. They can thread the brows as well to get rid of stray hairs.
  • The lifting cream is applied to the brows using an applicator by the provider. The cream loosens the hair cuticles and dissolves the hair connection, enabling the user to shape the brow hair differently.
  • Following application, the cosmetologist will give the hair a uniform brush-up. After that, they will wrap the region in plastic wrap and leave it there for a while. The time needed to set depends on the texture of the wearer’s brows.
  • The cosmetologist removes the lotion and applies a solution to establish the hair in its new position. For some minutes, they place plastic wrap over the brows.
  • The cosmetologist gets rid of any product remnants.
  • They will finish by applying a nourishing oil or serum to seal moisture and condition the eyebrows.

Depending on your style, the brows may be waxed, threaded, or colored. While the laminated brows’ expected lifespan is up to two months, you can extend their appearance using a clear brow wax. Because the craze is only beginning to spread to the United States, the wax can also be used to simulate the impression if you don’t have access to a salon that provides the service in your area.

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