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Using a lash lift, an all-natural, semi-permanent technique, you can appear to have thicker, fuller eyelashes without extensions or stay-on products. The natural lashes are extended and raised from the root up.

Clunky mascara and bothersome falsies won’t be an issue if you have a lash lift. You’ll also have naturally thick, long lashes when you wake up every morning. Many opt to have their lashes colored a darker shade to enhance the look. It is comparable to getting your eyelashes permed. Your new eyelashes should allow you to bat them around glamorously to your heart’s delight after a short and straightforward procedure.

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Lash Lift Asian Eyes

The versatility of monolids allows them to be worn with or without voluminous lashes. But let’s face it, most of us have at some point fantasized about having long, lush lashes. This is the root of the unhealthy addiction to fake lashes and extensions, negatively affecting our financial situation.

The game has changed recently with the rise in the popularity of lash perms and lifts. This technique might appear too fantastic to be true in the clickbait videos of girls with double eyelids and naturally long lashes. Nevertheless, many ladies, particularly those with monolids, praise this latest trend.

The Procedure For Getting A Lash Lift

Both a perm and a keratin lift are available for lash enhancement. Although it’s been said that the latter is a slightly gentler, hypoallergenic alternative, this does mean that the keratin lift might not last as long as the lash perm.

To create a clean canvas for either of the treatments, the lash specialist will typically start by removing all makeup and natural oils from the area around the eyes. Like lash extensions, under-eye pads are first applied before the lash perm operation to keep the lower lashes out of the way.

The beautician must place a silicon rod above the lash line before the actual perm can start. Your eyelashes’ length will determine the size of the rod. The lashes should be adhered to the silicon using adhesive. The lifting lotion and setting lotion are applied, and they must sit on your lashes for a few minutes. A brief nap is acceptable while the perm is on your lashes.

The entire process should take 45 to 60 minutes. After the perm has been set, it will be taken out and carefully washed away with a saline solution. If you want a somewhat more dramatic result, you may now layer on a lash tint.

How Much Time Does A Lash Lift Last?

A lash lift doesn’t last forever. You may need mascara again after a few weeks and an eyelash curler if your lashes need curling. A lash lift typically lasts between 4 and 6 weeks, depending on your lashes and the kind of lift you select. Your lash lift may last up to 6 weeks if you take precautions.

The following factors affect how long your recently raised lashes will last.

  • immediate aftercare
  • long-term lash care
  • the natural growth rate of eyelashes
  • what kind of lash lift do you receive

Despite your best efforts to care for your lashes, you can discover that your lash lift doesn’t last as long as other people who received the same procedure. The speed at which your lashes usually grow could be the sole reason for this.

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