Are Eyelash Extensions Permanent?

In the past, applying fake lashes seemed to be the in thing. However, this has become quite tiring and most women lack the patience to pull this through. This has made lash extensions to increase in popularity. The extensions are durable and if you are considering having them, there are a couple of things that you should know.

Different Types of Lash Extensions

There are so many different types of lash extensions, but the main categories are silk, synthetic, and mink. The sizes will vary from 6 to 17 mm and these are applied using a semi-permanent glue. Our stylists will use the glues that will not irritate your eyes and according to your sensitivity. The process of applying these lash extensions is about 2 hours and they will need maintenance at least once in a month.

Natural lashes are unique and different and this will be the main consideration when the lash extensions are being applied. The stylist works hard to ensure that the natural lashes are healthy and naturally beautiful. You may choose to start with a half set of extensions and not a full set.

Safe Lash Extension Application

Some women are concerned that they may go blind in the process of the application of the lash extensions. As long as you go to a trained stylist, you have no cause to worry as they are trained to apply the lashes and adhesives in a safe manner. Hardly would you end up going blind as a result of the lash extensions. If you are allergic, the technician will be able to find the right adhesive to use, according to your sensitivity.

If you get uncomfortable and experience and burning sensation on your skin or eyes, this is a strong indicator that the adhesive is not ideal for you. The stylist will need to replace with one that will be comfortable for you. The truth of the matter is, the process of lash extension application should be easy and pain-free.

How Long With the Lash Extensions Last?

The lash extensions will last for about 8 weeks, which is the complete growth cycle of the natural lashes. However, this may vary depending on each person. To maintain a full look, you should have the lash extensions redone every 3 to 4 weeks. Generally, the lash extensions will fall off at the end of each growth cycle, since each extension is attached to a single eyelash. The benefit of having a professional technician applying the lash extensions is that they will do it right. Those who are untrained will install a single lash extension to 3 or 4  natural lashes, which affects your lashes.

Lash extensions will save you the trouble of having to apply mascara and the fake lashes. However, these should not affect the natural beauty and health of your natural lashes and the only way to ensure this is by working with qualified stylists. You will love the natural beauty that the lash extensions give you when they are done right.