No More Mascara With Lash Extensions

Many women all over the world suffer from thin and short eyelashes. These women wish they could have longer lashes, but lash extensions are rather pricey. But with lash extensions, that is no longer a problem. Women everywhere are now beginning to see real results from getting these lash extensions. Ordinary women can now enjoy having beautiful lashes that are sure to grab anyone’s attention. Would you like to stop using mascara forever, yet still have dark thick eyelashes?  You are in luck. Lash Extensions now provides an affordable way to get long, luscious lashes that be noticed by many. Your friends will start to wonder what you have done to improve your looks. Don’t tell them; make them wonder for a bit.

There are several places that offer lash extensions, but these are obviously fake-looking, and this can be embarrassing for some. Eyelash extension offers you high quality lash extensions that are soft and luxurious, all at a fraction of the price of those other types. For the most part, extensions can usually last up to four weeks, but offers ones that have the ability to last about six weeks. Lash Extensions are made from synthetic hair.  We don’t use Siberian Mink Fur even though the hair is only combed from the animal. Most of the mink fur comes from China and the living conditions of the minks cannot be verified. We feel that it is better not to use a substance were the quality cannot be certified on the eyes. It is much better to use the synthetic material. It is less expensive than using mink fur anyway. You cannot even tell the difference.

The eyelash extension uses is soft and silky and looks like real hair.   It is applied by a technician over your own eyelashes. An adhesive glue is used to attach them.  The eyelashes will stay on for about three to four weeks before you will need to have them redone.  They will not damage your natural lashes either.

The process of applying the Lash Extensions is painless and doesn’t take very long to complete.  You can come into the spa and have them applied or you can schedule an at home appointment and a technician will come to your home with all the supplies to do your extensions in the comfort of your home.

Your new extensions will make you feel great and give you a feeling of confidence.  Remember when you look good you feel good and Lash Extensions will truly make you look and feel great.

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